What size is a flat headstone?

Flat headstones, also known as flat grave markers, are a common choice for memorializing loved ones in cemeteries. In this article, we will delve into the specific dimensions of flat headstones, discussing their approximate size, weight, and customization options. Additionally, we’ll touch upon various aspects such as materials, pricing, and design choices for these grave granite tombstones.

Dimensions of Flat Headstones

The standard dimensions of flat headstones are as follows:

  1. Length: 24 inches
  2. Width: 12 inches
  3. Thickness: 4 inches
  4. Weight: Approximately 130 pounds

These measurements provide a sturdy and stable marker that can be securely placed at the gravesite. The 24x12x4 inch size is a widely accepted standard, but it’s important to note that customization is often possible to accommodate specific preferences and cemetery regulations.

flat headstone size

Materials Used for Flat Grave Markers

Flat headstones are typically crafted from durable materials such as granite and marble. Both materials are known for their longevity and resistance to the elements, ensuring that the grave marker will endure for generations to come.

  1. Granite: Granite is a popular choice for flat grave markers due to its durability, wide range of colors, and resistance to weathering. It is an excellent material for engraving intricate designs and inscriptions, making it a preferred option for customization.
  2. Marble: Marble is valued for its classic and elegant appearance. While it may be slightly more susceptible to wear over time compared to granite, it remains a beautiful choice for flat monuments. Marble is often chosen for its timeless appeal and softer color palette.

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Customization Options

Flat grave markers offer ample opportunities for personalization to honor your loved one’s memory. Here are some customization options:

  1. Engravings and Inscriptions: Flat headstones can be engraved with meaningful inscriptions, including names, dates of birth and passing, and heartfelt messages. The use of skilled engravers can add intricate detail and beauty to the design.
  2. Design Elements: Families can choose from a variety of design elements, including religious symbols, floral patterns, and other motifs that hold special significance to the deceased.
  3. Material Choices: The selection of granite or marble allows for a range of colors and patterns. Families can choose a material that resonates with their loved one’s personality or preferences.

Flat Grave Marker Prices

The cost of flat headstones varies depending on factors such as material, size, design complexity, and customization. Granite and marble flat grave markers are available at different price points, with granite often being more budget-friendly. Prices typically include engraving and installation, and it’s advisable to request quotes from multiple suppliers to compare flat grave marker prices.

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