Uroboros snake on the headstone

What does the snake on the grave mean?

Snakes on graves are rich in symbolism. They’ve been used in burial art for centuries. Their meaning can vary based on culture and context. In many Western traditions, snakes represent eternity. This comes from their ability to shed their skin. It symbolizes rebirth and renewal. A snake eating its tail is called an ouroboros. The […]

rest in peace headstone

What is a nice verse for a tombstone?

A tombstone marks the resting place of a loved one. A verse on it should be heartfelt and meaningful. It captures the essence of a person’s life and legacy. A nice verse is both brief and profound. It should offer comfort to the living and honor to the deceased. “Rest in Peace” is a classic […]

flt symbols gravestone

What Does FLT Mean on a Gravestone?

Gravestones are not just markers of the resting place of our loved ones; They are monuments that capture memories, honor lives, and sometimes carry symbols and inscriptions whose meaning may not be immediately obvious. One such typeface that often arouses curiosity to see is “FLT”. These three lines are found on many tombstones, especially those […]

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What is the difference between a gravestone and a monument?

Two primary forms have been coughed up to remember of the dead world: gravestones and monuments. Both look somewhat akin in the act being conducted with the intent of memory, but they are very different in scale, intention, and the story they tell. A gravestone is such a marker of proximity: an inscription of an […]


What is a family headstone?

A family headstone, also referred to as a family grave marker, is a monument or memorial that commemorates multiple members of a family who are buried in the same plot. These headstones are significant in that they reflect a shared heritage and often convey a sense of unity and continuity within the family. Family headstones […]

old cemetery

What Are the Challenges in Tombstone Restoration and Preservation?

Tombstones stand as silent sentinels, bearing witness to the passage of time and the stories of those who came before us. These monuments not only mark final resting places but also serve as tangible connections to our past. However, the task of restoring and preserving these aging relics presents a unique set of challenges that […]

How do different engraving techniques impact tombstone longevity?

Tombstones serve as enduring tributes to loved ones, memorializing their lives for generations. The longevity of these markers, however, can be significantly influenced by the engraving techniques used. Various methods of engraving impact not only the aesthetic appeal but also the durability and maintenance requirements of tombstones. This article explores how different engraving techniques affect […]

The Bible Says

What does the Bible say about decorating graves?

In the tapestry of human customs and rituals surrounding death, the act of decorating graves holds a profound significance. It serves as a tangible expression of remembrance, respect, and often, religious devotion. For many, the adornment of final resting places is not merely a cultural tradition but a deeply spiritual practice, guided by the teachings […]

granite headstones

Can You Use Brasso on Granite Headstones?

Granite headstones stand as enduring monuments and memorials, honoring the memories of our loved ones with their timeless beauty and durability. Over time, however, exposure to the elements can cause these solemn tributes to lose some of their luster, prompting caretakers to seek methods to restore their shine. One such method that often comes to […]


Why do cemeteries have statues?

Cemeteries are not merely grounds for the departed; they are also repositories of art, history, and poignant narratives. Amidst the somber rows of gravestones, one often finds statues—silent sentinels that stand guard over the resting places of the departed. These cemetery statues, also known as grave statues or monuments for graves, serve a multitude of […]