Memorial Urns

There is nothing pleasant about losing someone you love. Time can ease the pain, but it will never fill the void after the death of a beloved friend, companion, spouse, mother, father, child, or another family member. You may take comfort in knowing that the world’s concerns are forever behind them, but you will face new challenges: grieving their loss, accepting their absence, and finding your new normalcy. Add to this the necessary funeral arrangements, and you may wonder how you will overcome this difficulty. justhigh stone understands. This is why justhigh stone has set up a complete online collection of funeral urns for your loved one’s ashes.

Determining the right urn for your loved one’s ashes can help preserve their legacy, even in their absence. Our online platform allows you to browse our categories in complete confidentiality to find the right way to commemorate your loved one. Please take your time. And cry if you have to. It’s OK. Justhigh stone has designed our comforting collections to ease your pain.  Browse our urn categories below.  We want to make the choice of the perfect urn as comfortable as possible.

Size: Funeral urns come in a variety of sizes to meet different needs.

Small urns: Also known as memorial urns, small urns contain a symbolic amount of your loved one’s ashes. They are perfect if you share the remains with other family members or if you plan to bury the ashes and keep a souvenir.

Medium: Normal or medium-sized funeral urns can hold the remains of an adult. They are ideal if you wish to keep or bury the remains of a loved one.

Large: justhigh large ash urns, sometimes called companion urns, can hold the ashes of two adults.

Extra Large: Also known as family urns, they can hold the remains of three or four people.

Materials: Our memorial urns are available in marble and granite. Many of our urns are handcrafted masterpieces made with great skill and using traditional craft methods.

Engraving: Many of our funeral urns can be personalized by engraving directly on the urn. Others can be personalized with a metal plate. Engraving can involve additional costs.

Shape: Our memorial urns come in a wide variety of shapes, including traditional vase style cremation vessels or safe.

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